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Dutch Addictions

Sour Green Apple Hard Candy 10 oz

Sour Green Apple Hard Candy 10 oz

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Introducing Dutch Addictions' Sour Green Apple Hard Candy 10 Oz

A burst of tart and tangy flavor in every bite! Made with the finest ingredients, these hard candies deliver a refreshing green apple taste that’s both deliciously sour and satisfyingly sweet.

Perfect for those who love a mouth-puckering experience, each candy is carefully crafted to ensure a consistent, high-quality treat. Ideal for enjoying on the go, sharing with friends, or adding a zesty twist to your candy collection.


**Dutch Addictions Sour Green Apple Hard Candy**


- **Flavor:** Intense sour green apple

- **Texture:** Smooth, hard candy

- **Packaging:** Convenient resealable plastic tub for freshness

- **Ingredients:** Made with high-quality, natural flavors

- **Perfect For:** Snacking, sharing, or a quick sweet-and-sour treat


**Why You'll Love It:**

- **Bold Flavor:** Each candy packs a punch of tangy green apple goodness that sour candy lovers will adore.

- **Long-Lasting:** Enjoy a prolonged, flavorful experience with every piece.

- **Quality Ingredients:** Crafted with care, using only premium ingredients to ensure the best taste.

**Get ready to pucker up and enjoy the zesty delight of Dutch Addictions' Sour Green Apple Hard Candy. Order now and treat your taste buds to a sensational sour adventure!**

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