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Welcome To Brittle Factory – Where Every Is Nuts! We’re happy to have you in our little factory. Be alarmed! You are going to be experiencing the best Brittles that you’ve ever tasted with a bit of our yummmyy goodness. Born and bred locally in Oklahoma, we pour our love and soul into our products to ensure they taste exemplary with every bite. Our unique range of flavors will ensure that you keep coming back for more. Sharing a delicious treat with your family is a memory you’ll cherish for ages, and we want to help you do just that. Our brittles are perfect for sharing with your family and friends. They're a perfect snack and turn out to be great stocking stuffers too! Here’s a quick look at our flavors that set us apart: Peanut: • Original Peanut: To bring back that sweet nostalgia. Our original peanut is the brittle your inner-child craves. • Jalapeno Peanut: Want a bit of spice? This fabulous piece of brittle has a mild savory taste and is about a 3 out of 10 on the Heat Scale. • Spicy Peanut: Want some serious heat? The Spicy Peanut racks up a 5 out of 10 on the Heat Scale and has a tangy, delicious kick that'll provide you with a fun after-taste to remember. • It’s HOT: As the name states, this flavor is truly for those who seek an adventure. It comes in at a whopping 7 out of 10 on the Heat Scale and is certainly going to throw your senses flying. Pecan: • Original Pecan: A fun, buttery twist to the original that’s our most popular flavor yet. We recommend starting your journey off from here! • Jalapeno Pecan: Want to try out something unique? The Jalapeno Pecan has got you covered. It’ll definitely leave you wanting more. • Sunflower: Our unique take on Brittles, our Sunflower Flavor, is an explosion of flavors in your mouth that'll leave your tastebuds entranced. • Cashew: Who doesn’t love cashews? This crunchy piece of Brittle is certainly a fan favorite!
Peanut Brittle - 8oz, Buttery, Nutty, Sweet and Salty Dutch Addictions
Jalapeno Spicy Peanut Brittle - 8oz, Buttery, Nutty, Sweet and Salty
Pecan Brittle Original - 8oz, Buttery, Nutty, Sweet and Salty Dutch Addictions
Cashew Brittle - 8oz, Buttery, Nutty, Sweet and Salty, Cashew
Honey Cinnamon PECAN Brittle - 8oz Honey Sweet, Nutty, Salty, Cinnamon, Pecan
Jalapeno Spicy PECAN Brittle - 8oz, Sweet, Nutty and Spicy